Property management

Renting out your house

Renting out your house or apartment is a serious business. There is a lot to it that you might don’t know (yet). Van der Meulen Makelaars manages most houses we offer.

Do you own a house or apartment in or near Groningen and you would like to rent out? Van der Meulen Makelaars can help you:

  • Offering your house on and offline;
  • Finding a suitable tenant;
  • Drawing and signing a rental contract;
  • Sending invoices and collecting the monthly rent payment;
  • Administration;
  • Contract person for both owner and tenant (you don’t need to have contact with the tenant);
  • Inspecting the house;
  • Maintenance work during the rental period.

There are some examples of what comes with renting out your house. Are you interested and want to know if Van der Meulen Makelaars can manage your property? Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.