Rental Mediation

Looking for a suitable tenant for your property?

Would you like to keep the management of your home in your own hands, but would you like to outsource the search for a (new) tenant? You have come to the right place for this.

What is rental mediation?

The current tenant terminates the contract of your rental home or you have just purchased a home for rental and you are looking for a suitable resident. That can be quite a job, because how do you find a suitable landlord and arrange all matters regarding the rental quickly and safely? That is work that we are happy to take off your hands. We always start with a recording of the property you want to rent out. We look at the details, make an estimate for the rental price and discuss the next steps. With rental mediation we take the following matters off your hands:
• Drafting attractive housing advertisement;
• Offering the home through various offline and online channels;
• Contact and viewings with potential tenants;
• Screening the suitability of a tenant;
• Rental agreement and contract;
• Live delivery of the house with the tenant and one of our rental specialists.

Carefree rental

At our office we have over 30 years of experience in finding suitable tenants. A combination of this experience with our extensive network means that we often find the right match quickly. We have warm ties with many organizations that are regularly looking for a good home for an employee in the city. But our online channels and the personal network of our rental specialists also often provide the right candidates. The screening of tenants completes the match: safe and trusted letting is our top priority.

No cure no pay

We work at van der Meulen Makelaars on a no cure / no pay basis. We therefore only charge the rental brokerage rate when we have found a suitable tenant. Curious about the procedure and costs of rental mediation? Contact us via the form below.