About us

>Welcome to van der Meulen Makelaars

We have been the rental specialist in Groningen for over 30 years.With years of experience, a small-scale team and a great rental offer, we are a familiar face in the city of Groningen.We rent out properties varying in size, location and price range. For example, we can count a large circle of expats among our customers, but we can also make regular starters happy with a nice home in our beautiful city.Here you will find our current offer!

In trusted hands

Not only tenants know where to find us: owners of homes also like to leave their home in the trusted hands of our team. We not only look for a suitable tenant for you as an owner, we also ensure that you do not have to worry about the property. From a small leak to a major problem: we fix it quickly.Curious what our property management can do for your peace of mind?We are ready for you

Our team consists of a mix of employees, all with the same goal in mind: unburdening tenants and landlords.Very simple.We do this with streamlined processes, a lot of enthusiasm and a nose for real estate. Our team consists of Eddy van der Meulen, Boukje Jansen, Anne Brunninkhuis, Aron Borger and a flexible shell of employees for maintenance, technology, ICT and cleaning.

Our team

Van der Meulen Makelaars in Groningen has a small and close-knit team.As a result, we know all the properties in our database and we are aware of everything.

Eddy van der Meulen van-der-meulen-makelaars-eddy

Eddy has already been working in real estate for years, in total 35 years. He started this company almost 25 years ago. Eddy once was the first estage agent to start renting out furnished apartments in Groningen.

Boukje Jansen van-der-meulen-makelaars-boukje

Boukje has been working in the financial department at Van der Meulen Makelaars since the end of 2022.The real estate sector is new to her, but she has extensive experience as a financial employee.She started more than 30 years ago as a receptionist / administrative assistant at a bungalow park.Ten years later she passed her Praktijk Diploma Accounting and has since worked as a financial assistant, including at a printing company, employment agency and veterinary clinic.She hopes to enjoy being part of the pleasant and enthusiastic team for a few more years until her retirement.

Anne Brunninkhuis van-der-meulen-makelaars-anne

First as a part-time job, but after graduating in Small Business & Retail Management, she soon starts working full-time: Anne has known van der Meulen Makelaars inside and out since 2010. Thanks to her legal knowledge and later training in Real Estate and Brokerage, Anne knows everything about the real estate profession.In addition, she has seen every house pass by for years during the numerous viewings with potential tenants.Appropriate advice for new tenants and existing owners of the homes is therefore easy for her to give.

Aron Borger van-der-meulen-makelaars-aron

After Aron completed his study International Business and Languages, he dived into the real estate world.Shortly after he started his studies as a real estate expert, Aron ended up at Van der Meulen Makelaars to apply his knowledge in practice.